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Want to learn Anime Japanese? Watch Nihongonomori!

Another reblog, featuring “How to Learn Japanese Through Anime” series from the Nihongomori YouTube channel.


Nihongomori is a free Japanese language course available for free on YouTube. Many of their videos center around the proper grammar structure and vocabulary of Japanese. If you are studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) like I am, then these videos are great for a nice study boost. But they’ve also got a new series that I think the whole world can enjoy!

The series is called simply “Anime Japanese.” Steve-sensei and Takepan-sensei are the two main instructors. For each approximately 10 minute episode, they explain in easy to understand terms  5 “best of” expressions. They tell what the Japanese means in English, as well as give entertaining explanations for how to use the short phrases often appearing in anime TV shows and movies.

The production of the videos really sets it apart from other instructional YouTube videos. The team behind the scenes must really put a lot…

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