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Oh Dear Sweet Jesus, Japan Reported the Ark

For all of you people who live in a very well grounded reality, or are otherwise Christians that don’t have beef with science, Creationism sounds like madness…because it is. I was going to try and sound nice about it, but no, nope. Creationists are deliberately in denial, they hold on tightly to the Bible (that was never, ever in any point in history supposed to be taken literally) and call it absolute FACT.

And to my horrified surprise, the Japan Times didn’t decide to remind the world that for whatever reason Ken Ham (yeah that guy who did a debate with Bill Nye) and his cult decided to spend over $100 million on an Ark.

modern day golden calf.jpg
Behold! A modern day Golden Calf! 

That eyesore is embarrassing, as in absolutely astoundingly humiliating. It wasn’t enough that Ken and his cronies got that stupid Creationist Museum put up, now they’re getting a tax sales break (UGH) to the tune of $18 million. The only religious thing this inspires me to do is pray for a flood to come wipe it out. It’s foundation is blatant ignorance, it’s structure held up with arrogance of superiority, and it’s message is nothing about God but everything about the folly of Man.

What really twists me up about all of this nonsense is that people will definitely go to there. I had two Germans who told me they’d been to Kentucky and went to the Creationist Museum. They recalled the “hilarious” tour guide and the “morons” who believed that Adam and Eve co-existed with dinosaurs. I tried to tell them not all Kentuckians believe in Creationism, but apparently more than enough to get an Ark built with all Christian staff.

Kentucky already has a joke of a reputation that’s stereotyped in movies. I remember wincing when I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service at the maniacal, hateful church goers depicted in Kentucky (obviously a Westboro parody, but they’re based in Kansas). This reputation is only getting worse as time goes on. Apparently, separation of church and state isn’t as separated as it should be in Kentucky, but then again we’ve got Kim Davis winning on the marriage certificate thing with the awful Governor Bevin making sure bigotry continues against the LGBTQA+ community. Bevin is also determined to cut as much funding for education as he possibly can, but note that an elective Bible course was approved by the state.

For all of this, I’m proud to have been born and raised in Kentucky. The people who aren’t creationists, who don’t want to make huge and useless Biblical theme parks for “tourism,” are generally amazing. Also, there are plenty of other, better reasons to visit Kentucky than to go see that monstrosity.

Kentucky has the best horses in all of America, and you can’t tell me otherwise, don’t even try. The Kentucky Derby is still a joy to watch every year. The Appalachian Mountains are gorgeous, and definitely worth hiking and camping up in the summer time. Mammoth Cave is one of my all time favorite tours ever, as it shows and explains just exactly how long it took to make (no, not 6,000 years Creationists, try over 100,000 to a million depending on how far down you go). It’s very educational about the structure of the earth, and will make you smarter for going there, not dumber.

Basically, there are so many other places to go, and I beg of you Japan and other people of the internet, don’t give any more money to Ken Ham or his cult. Don’t visit this thing, don’t let them win. Please and thank you!



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