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Let’s Talk about a Book I’ve Been Writing for Over Two Years, YAY!

Hi, I’m terrified, how are you?

Fun facts, I’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was eleven years old. After going through all of K-12 education being told my writing was never really “good enough” by teachers, I basically talked myself into continue writing anyways, somehow. I’ve sent off poems and short stories with some success here and there, but the whole process of sending queries and rejection letters always puts my brain in a corkscrew.

Basically, getting to publication seemed like an impossible task, and it doesn’t help when you know the publishing game is really, really goddamn rigged.

Lindsay Ellis’ success story is actually horrifying

You get to a point in your life in the midst of a global pandemic, though, where you realize that there is a distinct chance that as a person with asthma you could die in two weeks after coming into contact with the wrong person. It makes you really think: Do I want to go out with this dream unfinished? Or do I want to just get the thing out there and fuck it?

My answer is FUCK IT, yes in all the caps. I’m tired of putting off something I love because I’m worried about…I don’t even know, rejection isn’t really the issue. It sucks that I’m kind of holding my own damn self back over “waiting for the right time” or “when the doc has been edited for the 10,000th time.”

In the digital age when literally anyone can publish anything, why am I bothering to dither around and just not doing that? Honestly, I don’t even have an answer! I’ve looked into options, IndieBound and Amazon and all that, but in the end the research is just another excuse to procrastinate. I should just get the thing done and be DONE WITH IT.

And so, guess what? I’m doing a book week.

Is this book related to Japan? No, not all, but it’s my lesbian Tolkien romance story and I want to write about it. My blog, my rules, get over it.

Tomorrow I’m dropping the original first chapter of the book. The rough draft can maybe show you if you’d be interested in the end result or not. Prepare for a fun week!

Feedback is love!

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