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Dear #Facebook, Why Are There No #LGBTQ Options in Page Categories?

For those of you unaware, I’ve got my own Facebook Page. Today I was going over to post my previous blog post up on it when Facebook decides to pop up with, “Add a category so more people can find you!”

I sighed and went over there. Generally, I hate these stupid pop ups, because those damn message numbers won’t go away until you do as the Facebook gods command. I make my way over and try to put in something else.

When I started typing, I figured, “Alright fine, I’ll put in Japan or Japanese.”

Nope. The only option available was…Japanese restaurant. Nanidafuq? I was very confused, but figured whatever, I’ll just put my own category in. On most other websites, you can customize your category, kind of like creating your own tags and categories on blogs and vlogs.

NOPE, not allowed. “Only specific categories can be used!” It says, taunting me.

I gave up, and then I figured, “Well that’s a little racist, but whatever, I’ll just type in LGBT or LGBTQ and be done with it.”

NOPE, not allowed.

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said and quickly typed in “Facebook List of Page Categories” into Google.

As it turns out, LGBTQ isn’t in there AT ALL. It’s not even listed under the “Causes” section.

I was flabbergasted. Surely it had to be under something? I scrolled down. Generally speaking, LGBTQ gets lumped in under “community” or “causes” on most websites. Under community organizations I found the goddamned armed forces, but not LGBTQ.

And how is a COUNTRY CLUB a community organization?!

I could believe it. I searched for gay, lesbian, trans, bi, ANYTHING in the umbrella. Gay Bar was literally the only option I could find. At this point in the game, I got a bit pissed off.

It almost seems deliberate. Let’s think about this for a second, this is a company that has been called out for not doing enough to protect people from fake news, neo-nazis, and etc. And then I come to find out that there are literally NO options for LGBTQ spaces in the page options?

You might be going like, “What’s the big deal?” Well the big deal is that without that option, search engines won’t bring people to those pages. If you search for “LGBTQ resources in New York” you won’t get any links for the Facebook Groups unless it’s in the title. Searches means money, searches means awareness, and in some cases it means finding the right resources if a teen kid kicked out of our house by homophobic parents.

I think I got really pissed off when I reached the “website” section, which is under “Other.” It lists “E-commerce,” like for real?! And above that is “Vitamins/Supplements” but screw that huge population that needs all the support it can get for visibility and help.

And under “Cause” there is literally NOTHING.

And I might not have even been this pissed off if I didn’t know that Facebook has it’s own Facebook LGBTQ Page! That is some bullshit. Why does this company get to profit off of LGBTQ people, but then turn around and erase it from its search options?

I’m not even accepting, “Well, it must just be an oversight.” I don’t believe it for a second. This lack of LGBTQ in categories feels deliberate. I cannot be the first person to have noticed and brought it up.

And maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have been so mad if I could’ve just put my own category in, but I wasn’t allowed. Only Facebook approved categories allowed, because screw you that’s why.

This needs to change, and there does also need to be better categories for people on an international level. There are other countries, languages, and cultures that deserve to have their communities represented and found. The fact you only get restaurant options for diversity is appalling and disgusting.

Fix this issue!

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Mister Donut’s ‘Halloween’ Treats are…Fine

I love doughnuts, and anyone who says they don’t like doughnuts can’t be trusted. Yet, we can all agree that some fried dough confections are better than others. Being careful not to start a war here, I prefer Krispy Kreme over Dunkin’ Donuts, but I will admit I’ve grown fond of the Mister Donut chain in Japan.

For one, the grease is significantly decreased, which means the sweetness doesn’t come with a side of indegestion if you eat more than one. Also, these doughnuts aren’t coated in extreme amought of sugar toppings, they usually have a good ratio of frosting to dough in comparison to other chains.

With Halloween just around the corner, the speciality season items came out recently. I decided to try a couple out for breakfast after a morning meeting

When I saw the selection on the rack, I was a bit confused. The poster (of which I forgot to take a picture, apologies) seemed to have more variety than what I saw. But then I figured out that the reason was because the doughnuts were basically the same just different sizes or different coatings.

The two I chose were the chocolate creme and pumpkin ‘monster.’ When I bit into the chocolate one, I had creme for the first couple of bites, but then it was mostly just a regular old doughnut for the rest of it. I felt kind of scammed into buying a fancier version of the regular chocolate version.

Next came the pumpkin one, which didn’t taste like pumpkin at all. To be fair, I wonder if it’s only meant to look pumpkin like and not have a pumpkin flavor? I’m not sure, but once again I felt like I just paid extra for a half glazed regular doughnut, one that just kind of tasted like sugar on bread.

All in all, they were all perfectly passable doughnuts, but I wouldn’t say I recommend them to anyone. Just but yourself a standard choco-creme doughnut or a fully glazed one and just skip these limited holiday foods. It’s not worth paying nearly double for something you can get a normal version of that’s better.